Learn aikido with us!


We teach all of our classes out of the Kitchener Downtown Community Centre at 35B Weber Street West in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

We strive to provide a positive learning space for all ages, mobility, and fitness levels at an affordable price.

Our Offerings

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Up to date class enrollment information can be found at the City of Kitchener’s website here.

Children’s Classes

In our Children’s classes, we offer students the opportunity to learn to move with energy and confidence in a fun and challenging environment. Students will learn to use an opponent’s energy against them and learn to fall and roll safely.

In our classes we learn:

  • How to fall safely and roll (think big somersaults!) while being thrown by someone else
  • How to play with someone else’s balance to make them fall down
  • Relaxing while remaining strong
  • Breathing and meditation techniques
  • Basic sword (plastic tube!) movements

Students will have the opportunity to earn belt ranks twice a session at regular “check in” classes where they’re asked to demonstrate what they’ve learned so far.

Ki Aikido Classes

In our regular Ki Aikido classes students will learn Shinshin Toitsu Aikido (aikido with mind and body coordinated) as practiced by Ki Society in Japan. Students will learn a curriculum that focuses on performing the techniques of aikido with proper posture and learn techniques for relaxation and coordination of mind and body. Students will also learn to fall safely – a skill that is very useful in daily life.

The Ki Aikido classes focus on the core curriculum of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, including Ki Development and Ki Aikido. Students will have the opportunity to work with students of all skill levels in a safe and welcoming environment. Students attending the Ki Aikido classes are also eligible to attend regular practices of our parent organization, Southern Ontario Ki Aikido Kai, taught by Glen Thompons Sensei, 4th Dan Shinshin Toitsu Aikido.

Bokken and Jo With Ki

Train your mind and body through practicing the movements and forms of bokken (wooden sword) and jo (short staff). Following the training methods developed for Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Aikido with mind and body coordinated), learn to use gentle power, cultivate calmness, and develop proper body movement.

In these classes, you can expect to:

  • Practice basic movements with bokken and jo
  • Learn kata for bokken and jo
  • Practice mindfulness with the weapons
  • Practice simple movements that will help in the dojo and in daily life